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Well-known technology and innovative thinking

Entech Energiteknik AB is situated in Ängelholm in the southern part of Sweden. Since the start in 1978 we have designed and delivered a great number of different high temperature furnaces to customers in numerous countries. We have thus gathered a very high degree of experience used to make thorough and unprejudiced analysis of the requirements for our customers. Known technology and innovative thinking are combined and backed up by a very good cooperation with leading suppliers of components and insulation materials.

Entech is a small company with motivated personnel and seamless internal communication. This means that quotations, orders, design, manufacturing, delivery, start up and service of our furnaces is done with support from all our specialists. We can present a solution which guarantees that our customers get a furnace designed to fulfil the specified tasks. It may be anything from a standard furnace to a very special custom designed furnace

The furnaces from Entech are known to be built with carefully chosen materials and with a high degree of precision in the detailed manufacturing. Series manufacturing is, however, not our strong point.

We and our suppliers of elements , insulation and control equipment gives customers a unique opportunity to have your needs covered in a very professional and economical way.

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