We customize our furnaces
according to your needs

We have extensive experience in delivering high-temperature furnaces both from standard programs and completely customized

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Tube furnaces

One or multiple temperature zones individually controlled. Temperature: 1100 – 1800 °C

Chamber furnaces

Most furnaces are used in oxidising atmospheres. Temperature: 1400 – 2000 °C

Special furnaces

Fulfills requirements which can not be met by standard furnaces. Temperature: 1000 – 2000°C

Innovative thinking around ovens

Entech Energiteknik AB is situated in Ängelholm in the southern part of Sweden. Since the start in 1978 we have designed and delivered a great number of different high temperature furnaces to customers in numerous countries. We have thus gathered a very high degree of experience used to make thorough and unprejudiced analysis of the requirements for our customers. Known technology and innovative thinking are combined and backed up by a very good cooperation with leading suppliers of components and insulation materials.

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