Our furnaces

Entech furnaces

Our furnaces have carefully chosen materials and a high degree of precision

The furnaces from Entech are known to be built with carefully chosen materials and with a high degree of precision in the detailed manufacturing.

Entech furnaces are used in many different applications. Mostly they fulfil tasks in development and testing of materials, but are also applied in manufacturing industries where high temperature is required.

For a complete summary of our furnaces se the PDF-broschure to the right. broschyr i PDF-form.

Tube furnaces

One or multiple temperature zones individually controlled. Temperature: 1100 – 1800 °C

Chamber furnaces

Most furnaces are used in oxidising atmospheres. Temperature: 1400 – 2000 °C

Special furnaces

Fulfills requirements which can not be met by standard furnaces. Temperature: 1000 – 2000°C

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